Your Big Day’s not far off now. The venue’s been booked for months, the invites have all gone out, and you’ve finally figured out the most diplomatic way to seat everybody. You’re ready to tie the knot. Your friends and co-workers keep teasing you about cold feet, but really, you’re not anxious about walking down that aisle at all. It seems like your whole life has been leading up to this moment.

That said, there’s one detail that still causes you to wake up in a cold sweat at night – picking the perfect song for your First Dance as a married couple. Don’t’ worry, we totally get it! Being out there on the dance floor all alone is enough to make most people start quaking in their boots. What you need is the steady, guiding hand of another duo – a dueling piano duo – to make your first dance everything you want it to be.

First Dance Experts

Here at Calgary Dueling Pianos, we’ve attended our fair share of weddings (understatement of the year, right there!). We’ve got lots of experience with first dances and have seen up-close-and-personal exactly what works, and, more importantly, what doesn’t. While more traditional-style weddings acts like DJs just hit “play” on a song, dueling pianos are a part of the dance itself, playing the song you’ve chosen and keeping you covered the entire time (no stumbles, we promise). Being able to make small adjustments to things like tempo and rhythm on-the-fly is exactly what will set your first dance apart from others as you glide around the dancefloor to your personalized first dance.

Keys to a Successful First Dance

As anxious as you might be about your first dance, the first thing to keep in mind is that nobody is expecting an expertly-choreographed, perfectly-executed routine – all you need to do is get out there grab your new spouse’s hand, and you’re good to go! But, it you’re still a little apprehensive, here are some tips to help make sure your first dance is a success:

  • Find a meaningful theme
    Does your wedding have a theme running through it? If so, picking a song that continues to play along with this common thread is a great way to ensure your first dance is memorable. If not, take some time to pick out a song that represents your relationship – maybe a tune from the first concert you went to together, or a hit that was big during your first summer as a couple, for example.
  • Short and sweet
    When you’re out there on the dance floor, just the two of you, a few seconds can seem like an eternity. If you’re nervous about your first dance together, be sure to pick a song that’s nice and short. The difference between a song that’s three-minutes long and six-minutes long might not seem like much in the light of day, but you’ll sure notice it when you’re out there as a couple during your reception!
  • A good pace
    When you pick your song, remember that you’ll need to actually be able to dance to it. Try dancing along to your track in the kitchen one night – is it an easy tempo to sway to, or is it one of those weird sort-of-too-fast-but-also-too-slow songs? Picking a song with a rhythm you’re comfortable with can make or break a first dance, so spend some time experimenting and trying out different tunes.Bonus tip from the pros: try this in the shoes you’ll be wearing that same day. You’ll thank us!
  • If all else fails…
    Still having some serious problems picking out that first song? Let us know! We’ve put together a list of great tried-and-true first dance songs over the years and will be happy to share it with you. Maybe you’ll find a track you like right off the list, or maybe it gives you the inspiration to nail down your own first-dance pick. Either way, we’ll be pleased to have been a help!

Above All, Have Fun

Hopefully, these tips have been useful in helping you pick out the perfect song for your first dance together. If we can give you one last piece of advice, it’s this: just have fun. If you can, check your nerves at the door. After all, by the time you’re having your first dance, the hard part will be over: you’ll have already walked down the aisle, said “I do,” and signed those legal papers. Now, you get to enjoy yourself. Just tune everything else out, and enjoy being out on the dancefloor with your brand-new spouse. Take it in and have fun – trust us, the evening will be over all too quickly!

If you’re looking for more helpful tips on how to prepare for your first dance, or are eager to book Calgary Dueling Pianos to play the music that will accompany this special moment, feel free to give us a call!